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IRIS - The World leader in OCR, PDF and Portable scanner

IRIS stands for Image Recognition Integrated Systems. At IRIS, we build software and products that help people increase their productivity while scanning and converting documents. We make it easy to scan, edit and share digital files.

Created in 1986, our company has always been a world leader in Optical Character Recognition technologies (OCR) and mobile scanning. Belgian-founded, we have offices in Florida (U.S.A.), Germany and Belgium, and are an independent software house fully part of Canon Europe since 2013.

Whatever the sector and the function you are active in, our solutions aim to bring you the right help to optimize your efficiency at data’s handling work. Our deep knowledge and technical expertise, along with our multiple own IP’s in the OCR & Data Capture market allows us to simply offer the unique largest Worldwide Product Portfolio you will ever find in the Personal Mobile Scanner Market and the information management market.

We do select the best of breeth scanner available on the market and offer a unique combination of use always first oriented to save your precious time and optimize your investment by recognizing, retrieving, organizing and archiving your own data’s for further optimized data’s workflow processes.

27, 26th of July Corridor St, Mohandiseen Giza – Egypt.
(9:00am - 5:30pm)