eBeam Interactive Board

Transforms any flat surface into an dynamic workspace

eBeam is an interactive technology made by Luidia Inc. that transforms any flat surface into an dynamic workspace and allows users to digitize and interact with whiteboard content.

eBeam makes interactive easy

Easy to use

You can focus on the things that matter, like delivering a compelling lesson that captivates your students or hosting a meeting that lets everyone contribute, no matter where they happen to be.

Easy on the pocket

Our intuitive solution doesn’t require professional installation reducing your training costs. Even your shipping costs are low, thanks to our small form factor.

Easy to upgrade

We realize that schools and businesses have limited budgets, so our solution leverages the equipment you already own, like projectors and whiteboards.

Easy to deploy

Unlike other interactive whiteboards, deploying an eBeam system is flexible and scalable. There are few barriers to installation and use, and practically no learning curve.

Easy to integrate

eBeam systems are designed to blend seamlessly with what you already have in your classroom or meeting room.

Easy to install

You don’t need to be an IT specialist to get your eBeam system up and running. Our systems take just minutes to install.
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